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Running from Heredity

I spent years answering the question why I started running with I’m running from heredity. Both my parents had Type 2 diabetes; both had high blood pressure. My father had heart issues and ultimately died of a heart attack. Both my parents had lung cancer, which is what ultimately killed my mother. When I Started… Continue reading Running from Heredity

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March – Nothing but a Lion

March came in like a lion. I was hoping, with Easter being April first, March would go out like a lamb. No such luck. While April 1 was not a horrible day, it was brisk and damp, about 38F, as I set out to hide 400 Easter eggs for my parish egg hunt. That was… Continue reading March – Nothing but a Lion

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  Back a few years ago, Arianna Huffington made this big push for sleep. I’m not sure why people thought they should listen to her when doctors have been saying sleep is important for years. Now I’ve found yet another reason to make sure you are getting your sleep. The Sleep Revolution While Arianna Huffington… Continue reading Sleep