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I pride myself on finishing what I start. I suppose starting with training would have been good but training or not, I started my first half in what seems like decades this past Saturday. Unfortunately, I did not finish.

Carolina Reaper Marathon/Ghost Pepper Half

The Carolina Reaper Marathon/Ghost Pepper Half was set up in a unique way. It was 10 for the full and five for the half laps of 2.62 miles. The course was relatively flat. I think one lap might have actually had more downhill than up. You HAD to complete each lap in under 40 minutes.

The full marathon runners started at 2 pm. It was overcast and I was there to see the first runners finish their first lap in around 15 minutes. Yup! My strategy was to go out reasonable, not all out, so that I could run lap five all out. Then, the sun came out. The times started to slow. And, the 5:20 pm half start time approached.



I was unsure what type of pace I wanted to run. Usually when I step up to the start line, I have a run/walk ratio in mind and this time, I did not. Was that my undoing? Not at all.

I finished lap one of the half in 37:16. That is a 13:44 pace and is well within what is needed to meet the time requirements. You see, if you did not finish a lap within 40 minutes, you were pulled. You could continue running but your timing would be shut off.

My Downfall

About two months ago, my leaving the practice doctor was concerned about my A1C. In November it had been high but she hadn’t noticed the November results until almost New Year’s. She had had more blood work done and my A1C was still high but had gone down two tenths. She thought it best I go on Metformin. I didn’t balk because both my parents were type 2 diabetics so I figured my lessening my running had led to my having the same fate. I sort of use to joke I was trying to outrun heredity but I was deadly serious.

About mile 1 (I’m not totally sure but it was close to that mark), I felt dizzy. I had hydrated all day so I didn’t think it was dehydration but it could have been. I was finding it hard to take in more fluids. About 1.75 miles I made a decision. I was going to test my blood sugar at the end of my lap. I set an arbitrary number, a fairly high one, in my mind. If it was over that number, I was stopping. Guess what?

The Reaper Awaits in the Cemetary

I could have continued to race. I probably would have settled in on the second lap with more walking than running. I am not totally sure I would have made it in time but I think¬† I could have. I didn’t want to take a chance.

The Future

I have a lab appointment next month, followed by a doctor’s appointment approximately one week later. I will have a discussion on the best nutrition and hydration means at that time with my doctor. I may send her an email with questions in advance. I’m not sure on that yet.

Until then, I’ll run a little, hike when we have time, walk a lot and possibly get out on my bicycle.

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