Race Recaps

After I run a race, I generally write up a race recap.  I love to remember the details of a race.


My First Race *pre-race

My First Race


Chilly Chili 5K

My First

More on My First

Inside the Race

My Second Half Marathon

Mountain Goat Run – Race Recap

Vestal XX – Race Recap

Red Dress Race – A 5K Recap

Boilermaker 15K – Race Recap

Thank You Boilermaker 15K Volunteers

Race Recap – Catharine Valley Half Marathon

Race Recap – Ithaca 5 & 10

OctoberFAST 10K Race Recap

TCBGC River Run – Race Recap

Race Recap – 8K Turkey Trot


My First Marathon – Part I

My First Marathon – Part II

Forks XV 2011

Women’s Distance Festival 2011

Tromptown Half Marathon

Catharine Valley Trail Half 2011

Wineglass Marathon – Race Recap I

Wineglass Marathon – Race Recap II: The Actual Race

Tram Challenge – A Race Recap

Turkey Trot – A Race Recap


Pittsburgh Marathon Pre-Race

Pittsburgh Marathon – First 13.1

Pittsburgh Marathon – The Last 13.1

@BuffaloMarathon Recap

Women’s Distance Festival 5K Recap

Weekend Recap

Runner’s World Half and Festival Recap I

Runner’s World Half and Festival Recap II

Runner’s World Half and Festival Recap III – The Race


St Pat’s 4 Miler

Skunk Cabbage Half Marathon 2013

Blue Ridge Marathon Recap – First 13 Miles

Blue Ridge Marathon Recap – Last 13 Miles

Pittsburgh Half Marathon Recap

Vestal XX Recap

Women’s Distance Festival 5K – Race Recap

Tromptown Run – Race Recap

Ragnar Adirondacks Recap

Ragnar Recap – Part 2

Richmond Marathon – Race Recap Friday Expo

Richmond Marathon – Recapping Race Day

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