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My First Race

My First Race Bib

Okay, I did it.  No, the race did not kill me.  I just had a very busy weekend with the race included so haven’t been around much.

I had told myself, as I have never raced before, that I would be happy with finishing this 5K in under 40 minutes.  I would be ecstatic if I finished in under 35 minutes.

My official finish time was 36:05 minutes.  I did great for me.  I am not a huge runner.  I can do a ten minute mile but not three in a row usually, especially not outside.

I had a friend, an experienced runner go with me.  He finished in 23:30 minutes.  It was nice to not be there alone.  It was nice to have someone to ride to Seneca Falls with.  I loved the race!  I will definitely do it again.

If you want to see some video of the start and the finishes, go here.  If you want a listing of all results, go here.

11 thoughts on “My First Race

    1. Kristen – Thanks! I had a good friend who runs marathons run it with me. Well, he ran his normal run and came back to run me in at the end. It really was a nice feeling.

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