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Your Senses – Smell

I have been doing some creative, or possibly not so creative writing involving memories and senses.  Your senses trigger so many things but one of the most important things they tend to trigger is memories.  I am going to, over the course of several days, post different memories triggered by one of our five senses.… Continue reading Your Senses – Smell

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College Communications

I always have AIM open when I am working at my computer.  You may ask yourself why.  That is my means of communicating with my college-aged children.  Yes, I am friends with them on Facebook but true conversation usually takes place via phone call or AIM. My little story starts last week when good, ole… Continue reading College Communications

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One Month Into That New Year

I was checking out a list of blogs I follow over the weekend and happened upon an update of The Wild Mind’s New Year’s Resolutions.  Her measuring and weighing got me to thinking.  I do not bring out the measuring tape ever!  I do weigh myself about once a month and it was time. Back… Continue reading One Month Into That New Year