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Road Trip – Planning Begins

I am a planner.  Yes, I like to have control.  I admit I like to know where I am going, how I am getting there and what I am doing while I am there.  I don’t have to plan every details but quite a few of them would be good.

So I have a few road trips coming up this spring or late winter as the case may be.  I am going downstate in March for a half marathon.  Running is on Sunday but I am going on Saturday and staying over as it is the weekend that Daylight Savings Time starts so I want to get good sleep that Saturday night.  I am staying at The Lodge at Rock Hill so if you have any ideas in that area, let me know.  I will start looking soon.

Then, I am going to Boston in April.  I have a friend who is running the Boston Marathon and I told him I would be there to see him cross the finish line and I will.  I will have at least Sunday to do some sightseeing, possibly even Saturday and Friday – though that is not totally set in stone yet.  I had a hotel room with a great rate.  I had a friend offer me a room.  Gave up the hotel room and then found the friend was going to be out of town.  I got a room back but not quite as great a rate.  I will be staying in Cambridge Sunday and Monday nights.

By all means, tell me what you would do, where you would go.  Part of my Boston trip will be a write off as I am looking for bookstores for an author to do signings at in the summer.  I can’t wait to be on the road this year.

9 thoughts on “Road Trip – Planning Begins

  1. Enjoy your travels! I must say, you are a wonderful friend for making the trek to Boston to cheer on your friend. I enjoyed walking The Freedom Trail, which is a very tourist-y thing to do, but I still had a good time. And, of course, eat seafood. 🙂

    1. Ah, TKW, the trek to Boston is not long and I love that city. There are only two really big cities in the US that I love – Boston and San Francisco.

  2. Nicky,

    I LOVE Cambridge. That is where I stay every year, with my friend John, who lives on Lakeview Ave.

    Go to Formaggio’s Italian Kitchen while you are there. John lives right around the corner, and it is where Julia Child shopped! Fabulous cheeses and meats to bring home, much better than t-shirts for souvenirs, lol!

    Harvard bookstore of course, and don’t forget a stop at Burdick’s chocolate in Harvard Square…(why are all my suggestions about food)? Check out the Globe online or other Boston mags to see if there are any festivals going on while you are there, or special events…John and I happened upon a festival in Harvard Square one year that had great crafts and food.

    Have fun, let me know if you want me to ask John or the other Boston guys about anything. They have been Bostonians for a very long time!

    Did you say you were coming to New Paltz this spring? When is that?

    1. No worries about the spelling, Paula. I have seen my name spelled all kinds of ways. LOL!

      I love food suggestions, especially local food.

      And yes, I will be in New Paltz April 23-25, so the weekend after Boston.

  3. Sorry I spelled your name wrong! DUH! I have too many friends named Nicki, Nicky and Nikki….yeah, that’s right, not ONE of them spells it the same…UGH!

  4. If you’re lucky, you’ll have decent weather for that Marathon trip. Nothing lovelier than wandering Brattle Street, or meandering around Harvard Square, though I admit I knew it in less commercial days. Or go into the North End and wander. Mangia! (Even better – including the desserts.)

    1. I knew it in a less commercial day also. I remember my first solo trip to Boston – spring break my freshman year in college. I didn’t want to go home so I took the bus to Boston and stayed at the Y for a week. Loved it!!

  5. I went to school in Boston for a semester, but believe it or not I know nothing about the city. Quincy Market is all I remember!

    Can you explain the last paragraph of your post? Is that your job? Or are you the author?

    1. I do marketing and some article writing for a small, local publishing company, Matt. One of the authors is going to be at a huge gathering in the Boston area in August so was thinking he could maybe schedule a couple of signings while he was there. He writes historical fiction.

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