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As I marvel over the adventures going on in BigLittleWolf’s home, I am looking out my window and cringing.  I am the regional coordinator for NYS Science Olympiad’s middle school division in the Southern Tier.  My regional competition is scheduled for Saturday and, though I love snow, I am concerned.  First concern is that schools… Continue reading Science Geek

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Are You Comfortable With Your Body?

Are you comfortable with your body?  This question is one that we should all ask ourselves.  We need to be comfortable with our bodies.  Don’t ask what brought on this little revelation.  It is not as if I did not understand that we need to be comfortable with our bodies.  I have not always loved… Continue reading Are You Comfortable With Your Body?

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Temptations in the Desert and Our Lives

I have been following, and jumping in with both feet, as Ronna Detrick stays in the desert this Lenten season.  You can imagine my surprise when the homily at Mass yesterday dealt with the temptations that were put to Christ while he was in the desert.  I don’t want temptations.  I want to be in… Continue reading Temptations in the Desert and Our Lives

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It’s time for a stroll down memory lane.  I took this stroll last night.  I was watching some Olympic coverage on NBC.  I have to admit I try hard to not watch NBC coverage.  I find Canadian coverage much better for actually covering the sports.  NBC is lacking, missing events, doing a lot of human… Continue reading Memories!

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Carriage House Cafe, Ithaca – Review

I still have to arrive at the Carriage House Cafe during regular business hours.  I attended a party in the upstairs hall last Friday evening.  If the food and atmosphere that were present upstairs carrying into the daily operations – and from the menu, I believe they do, this location could become my new favorite… Continue reading Carriage House Cafe, Ithaca – Review

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Twitter Lists

Do you utilize Twitter?  I have several different reasons for following people on Twitter.  Some people are blogging friends of mine that I have, or possibly have not, met.  I like to know when they have new blog entries up and most do tweet about the new blogs.  I follow certain people because of where… Continue reading Twitter Lists