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Sitting on a school board in New York State, I know that concussions in youth sports are a hot topic at present.  Legislation has been introduced into the legislature that will detail how a student will rehabilitate from a concussion, including believing a concussion to be present whether diagnosed or not.  This legislation, which could… Continue reading Concussions

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Sports Fanatic

I admit it.  I am a sports fanatic.  The unfortunate truth is I do not necessarily like the average sports that most Americans spend hours watching.  I do like college football and admit to watching a pro game here and there but I could really care less. On the other hand, I will plan my… Continue reading Sports Fanatic

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CYO Volleyball

In my area, volleyball is a school sport that is now in the fall and is female only.  My sons have all loved to play volleyball and are very athletic.  Consequently, when the Catholic Youth Organization started a volleyball league that goes for about eight weeks in the spring, my kids jumped at the chance… Continue reading CYO Volleyball

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The Winter Sports Season Dinner Time

One of the main reasons I like working from home is that I can make our evening meal for whatever time is necessary.  I like us all to eat together.  This means sitting down to dinner together as the boys don’t both eat breakfast at home.  Teenagers prefer sleep over food at some times of… Continue reading The Winter Sports Season Dinner Time