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Sports Fanatic

I admit it.  I am a sports fanatic.  The unfortunate truth is I do not necessarily like the average sports that most Americans spend hours watching.  I do like college football and admit to watching a pro game here and there but I could really care less.

On the other hand, I will plan my nights around hockey games.  I was jokingly told, during this year’s conference playoffs, that I was a bad date.  Now, first, I was only out with a friend so there was no date going on at all.  Second, the problem was I was not paying attention to his pool shots.  I would literally walk away from the pool table to watch the hockey game on the television.  Reception was not great so I did move closer to the TV to be able to see.  It wasn’t like I was throwing the pool game – at least not the first couple.  I was close to winning.  I was shooting as best I could.  I am not a huge pool player so I was happy when it was a challenge.

Needless to say, this summer has been a big sports fest for me.  The World Cup soccer tournament has just recently finished up.  Since the last World Cup tournament in 2006, I have become a runner.  Consequently, I was running a race on the day of the final championship game.  That is okay with me.  Had I not been running, I would have been watching.

Then, overlapping with the end of the World Cup was the start of the Tour de France.  Do not ask why I like this but I do.  I hate missing coverage so much I watched coverage on my computer when I was not near a TV.  I am enthralled with the stamina and skill that these athletes have.  None of the stages are easy.  None of the mountains are small.  I love the idea of the team yet individual competition.

Do you like sports?  Which ones would you watch?

6 thoughts on “Sports Fanatic

    1. I so know where you are coming from, Christine. I LOVE hockey – any kind: professional, semi-pro, college. Just love it.

  1. Sounds like we share similar sporting loves. I’m a life-long football (soccer) fan, and I know exactly what you mean about the Tour de France. I started watching it seriously about 10 years ago, and every year I get more and more into it (and the other major races throughout the year too).

    I’m more of an NFL fan than a college football fan, simply because we don’t really get much coverage of college ball here in the UK. It has been great the last few years that we have had regular season games at Wembley.I’ve been to all of them so far, and as a 49ers fan I am delighted they are coming this year.

    If you’re interested, you’ll find daily coverage of the Tour, a load of World Cup stuff (mostly England-focussed, for obvious reasons) and other general sporting chatter over at my blog. I’d welcome your comments!

  2. (Getting a good chuckle over Christine’s remark.)

    Sports? I do love my Grand Slam tennis, and occasionally will catch parts of the Tour de France, though not so much this year.

    I do enjoy World Cup soccer (but missed most of that thyis year as well). I used to be a major NBA basketball fanatic (tall men in shorts – what’s not to love?), but that’s about it.

    Fortunately, I don’t have to wait too much longer until the next major tennis event on the tube. The US Open! But getting through that stretch after Labor Day until January’s Australian is always tough going.

    1. I’m hit or miss on tennis and with a tennis racquet, BLW. I caught some of Wimbledon but not much. My mother, who lives where what use to be called the Pacific Life Open is played, loves tennis.

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