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Skeptic at Heart

While I have been told that I am too trusting by many people, I find myself being a skeptic here in the last day or two of the 2011 Tour de France.  As almost anyone knows – even those who do not follow the sport of cycling, doping allegations and proven cases have been rampant in the… Continue reading Skeptic at Heart

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Sports Fanatic

I admit it.  I am a sports fanatic.  The unfortunate truth is I do not necessarily like the average sports that most Americans spend hours watching.  I do like college football and admit to watching a pro game here and there but I could really care less. On the other hand, I will plan my… Continue reading Sports Fanatic

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Versus on Time-Warner Cable

I am a huge professional cycling fan.  I live for the three weeks in the summer when I get to watch the best of the best battle the mountains of the Pyrenees and the Alps and the cobblestone of French villages as they ride the Tour de France.  I also love seeing the French countryside… Continue reading Versus on Time-Warner Cable

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What a Weekend for Sports!!

I admit I am not the “typical” US sports fan. Number one – I am female. Sports in the US is basically a male bastion. I can live without home run derbies, college bowl championship series – although I love college football, and super bowls. A holdover from my college days as a marketing major… Continue reading What a Weekend for Sports!!