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July is Cycling Month

I put my bicycle back on the road – yes, the actual road – a little over two years ago. I absolutely love cycling. It is my cross training of choice and could easily become my primary sport or method of exercise.

Miyata from mid-80s
My trusty bike

Now, I admit I’ve made what I consider a few improvements to my trusty bike. I do not have a normal road bike seat on it. I just cannot do that anymore in my life. I bought a better seat for my tailbone and love the changes. I also put a regular water bottle cage on it. It came with a velcro bottle holder that worked great but the bottle is long gone. Who knows if the velcro would still stick or not after 33 years?

When I do not have my bicycle on the road, in the month of July, I am firmly planted – whether standing like now or lounging on the sofa – watching the Tour de France. This is road racing’s premier event. It takes most of the month of July, having begun this year on the first and not ending until the 23rd. And it is an amazing athletic event. Daily stages around different parts of France – and Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg this year. Through the Pyrenees, then the Alps. And then, the finale on the Champs de Elysees. Not only do you see the history that is Europe but you see downtown Paris. What more could one ask for?

Do you watch the Tour de France? Do you bicycle? Have you ever wanted to be on the mountainside on one of those long climbs?

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