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The Tour

While my 20 year old daughter may be talking about the local tour stop of CMT On Tour 2007, I am talking about L’Tour de France. Another of my huge fascinations with the country of France – other than its food and wine – is this endurance bicycle race.

I have biked for a long time and, in all honesty, not in a long time. I biked through my entire first pregnancy until, almost 8 months in, I fell off my bike and my OB/GYN thought it might be best if I didn’t bike for a while. My ex still bikes hundreds of miles a year and takes our youngest with him on many biking tours. This is one of my reasons for not biking much anymore. It is their thing and I think a good thing as it keeps him involved in the youngest’s life.

Anyway, my normal news habit has been replaced by Vs.’s coverage of L’Tour de France. I love the scenery and the biking. I am amazed by the shear athleticism of those who compete. I love the commentary from former participants and even by Al Trautwig.

Vive l’tour de France!

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