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This and That Tuesday

I had two fairly lengthy blog posts about individually unique items all set to publish. One would be geared towards running and hydration, the other towards education in a way. Now I think you are going to get several small snippets of this and that, all of which may become full blown blog posts in… Continue reading This and That Tuesday

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Visiting Shooting for the Show

I am heading out for a full day of high school homecoming activities today. Throw into that mix a re-dedication of our newly remodeled high school and it is going to be a busy Saturday. To keep you all up on what I am doing, I had a guest post yesterday at Shooting for the… Continue reading Visiting Shooting for the Show

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Drop the Puck!

The AHL season has officially started. My daughter and I were in attendance as the Binghamton Senators started their tenth season and their first defense of a championship. Because the team and its management really wanted to celebrate the Calder Cup championship of last season, there was a block party prior to the Arena opening.… Continue reading Drop the Puck!

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October Means One Thing

The calendar has once again turned to October.  Good news! My fall marathon is over. Better news!! The temperature is going to warm up a bit. Best news!!! October is the start of hockey season!!!   On my recent trip to Pittsburgh for my daughter’s college graduation, we had the chance to visit the Consol… Continue reading October Means One Thing

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Skeptic at Heart

While I have been told that I am too trusting by many people, I find myself being a skeptic here in the last day or two of the 2011 Tour de France.  As almost anyone knows – even those who do not follow the sport of cycling, doping allegations and proven cases have been rampant in the… Continue reading Skeptic at Heart

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For those of you who do not know, I love hockey.  I have managed, along with going to a college that has two ice rinks and only approximately 2,500 students, to pass this love onto my oldest daughter.  Last night, as I stood to clap for the home team as they made the playoffs for… Continue reading Hockey

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Sports Fanatic

I admit it.  I am a sports fanatic.  The unfortunate truth is I do not necessarily like the average sports that most Americans spend hours watching.  I do like college football and admit to watching a pro game here and there but I could really care less. On the other hand, I will plan my… Continue reading Sports Fanatic

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Is NBC right for the NHL?

Yes, I am sure the money is right.  If nothing else is important to NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, money is.  The bigger question is “is the television contract with NBC good for recruiting new and more hockey fans?” I would say emphatically NO after the past two days.  First off, this year’s Stanley Cup Championship… Continue reading Is NBC right for the NHL?

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August 13th’s B Mets Game

I won four tickets to any non-fireworks Binghamton Mets game online at the local newspaper a week or so ago.  I do like going to these games, although they now make me feel slightly older than they use to as the players tend to be the same age as my children.  My 21 year old… Continue reading August 13th’s B Mets Game