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August 13th’s B Mets Game

I won four tickets to any non-fireworks Binghamton Mets game online at the local newspaper a week or so ago.  I do like going to these games, although they now make me feel slightly older than they use to as the players tend to be the same age as my children.  My 21 year old daughter was home from college.  She had a week off, give or take, and we had decided we would use the tickets while she was here.

For $2 per ticket, I upgraded from free general admission to box seats.  Last game we went to, we sat on the third base line as those were the best seats left when I got tickets.  This time we sat on the first base line.  Made for much better viewing of the home team during warm-ups but the picture taking ability was definitely better from third base.

Better than anything else, the B-Mets won the game last night.  They are fighting for a playoff position and at the start of last night were one game out of second place in their division of the Eastern League.  The win did not do much for their standings as they are now tied for third in their division but at least they won a game.

Gallery of photos is below (please be warned – six year old digital camera that is not all that great):

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