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Health Update

I left the greater Binghamton area about 4 on Tuesday as Andy had been admitted to Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital.  All the 17 year old could say was, “that’s where they took Kevin Everett, Mom.”  By the time I traversed NYS to suburban Buffalo, the surgery was done and Andy was in recovery. Thankfully, his… Continue reading Health Update

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Buffalo-Niagara Frontier – A Vacation Destination

I admit it.  The Buffalo-Niagara Frontier is not where I would come to vacation during a beautiful week in July.  I am here as “mother” since my 21 year old had acute appendicitis.  I come to this area frequently – as in four or five times a year for the last three or four years. … Continue reading Buffalo-Niagara Frontier – A Vacation Destination

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What did we do before ….

… cell phones, text messaging and the internet? My most recent “disaster” occurred the is morning.  My 21 year old son is working at an internship in Wheatfield and living on campus at the University at Buffalo for the summer.  He has made arrangements with his twin sister, who is living and working at Niagara… Continue reading What did we do before ….

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Rules are Rules

I realize that young adults sometimes make bad decisions.  I have heard the stories of what goes on in dorms and out of dorms on college campuses.  I went to a university that has perennially been called a “party” school.  Yet, rules are rules. When you sign up to represent your college in a sport,… Continue reading Rules are Rules

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Vanity Fair Hits GOP Candidate with Spoof

Okay, so everyone was up in arms over The New Yorker’s cover that was a caricature of Barack Obama and his wife Michelle.  What will people think about Vanity Fair’s caricature of John McCain and his wife Cindy, which is a spoof? Vanity Fair Cover Now, the first thing I notice is the hand full… Continue reading Vanity Fair Hits GOP Candidate with Spoof

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Versus on Time-Warner Cable

I am a huge professional cycling fan.  I live for the three weeks in the summer when I get to watch the best of the best battle the mountains of the Pyrenees and the Alps and the cobblestone of French villages as they ride the Tour de France.  I also love seeing the French countryside… Continue reading Versus on Time-Warner Cable

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More Instructional Time

I understand that teachers feel they need more face time with students.  Between testing, music lessons, sports, students tend to leave class almost as much as they are in class. I also remember the studies in the late 80’s and early 90’s and some even more recent that say that teenagers need more sleep.  That… Continue reading More Instructional Time

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What’s with our economy?

Back in the late 70’s, the last time our country experienced massive unrest in the Middle East and an energy crisis along with inflation and a possible recession – although in the late 70’s and early 80’s it was a definite recession, I can remember watching television.  The dollar and its standings against other global… Continue reading What’s with our economy?