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College Football Openers

Yes, as I indicated yesterday, last evening was the opening “day” for the 2008-2009 college football season.  Being a college football fanatic, I am thrilled that it is back and had a hard time concentrating on the DNC last night as I flipped between three games on my television.  I am sure that between the… Continue reading College Football Openers

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Sound Bites

For those of you who cannot manage to read through my extremely long post on the final night of the Democratic National Convention, here are the sound bites that resounded with me. Tim Kaine – “If we put our faith into action, we can move mountains.” Bill Richardson – “John McCain may pay hundreds for… Continue reading Sound Bites

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College Football at Last

I know that it doesn’t seem all that long ago that there were the usual season-ending complaints about the BCS (Bowl Championship Series) and a National Championship game, but to those of us who love college football, these last eight months have been very long.  I am a college football fan.  I grew up, as most… Continue reading College Football at Last

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Convention Day 3

Okay, so Tuesday morning, I was contemplating watching college football openers on Thursday night.  I still am.  Tuesday’s convention evening was better than Monday’s but still way too much talking heads and not enough convention coverage for me. Wednesday night was equally disappointing.  I realize that I live on the East coast.  I cannot think… Continue reading Convention Day 3

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Women’s Suffrage

On the 88th anniversary of the vote for women, I sat enthralled by the Democratic National Convention tonight.  The idea – and who knows if it was Barack Obama’s idea or Nancy Pelosi’s idea – of celebrating this wonderful event in our history at the convention was great.  A number of females spoke tonight, throughout the… Continue reading Women’s Suffrage