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Losing Weight

I tell local fitness blogger Val Tokarz that she finds all the cool, good articles and blogs about them.  Well, this time I may have one up on her.  Of course, I am putting off my run to get this little blurb – or is it little blog? – out of my system.

I opened up my browser this afternoon to find an article on that led with the headline – “Lose Weight Without Counting Calories.”  My type of article.  I have never thought, although I do see the wisdom and logic behind a food diary, counting calories was the way to lose weight.  Obsessing over the number of calories going into your body is not the right obsession anymore than obsessing over the number on the scales is right.  You need to be obsessing over what you are putting in your body, not the numeric number assocaited with said foods.

Self magazine editor Lucy Danziger blogs in this bit about how she lost weight without counting calories.  I can totally relate to her steps as they are many of the same ones that have led me to lose about 30 pounds – possible a bit more but I only weigh myself occasionally – over the last year.  While that is not a pound or two a week, it is a steady weight loss or maintenance without deprivation.  It did not come with just eating but with a combination of eating better and exercise.

Danziger’s first point is to pick up produce.  I love this as for years I have been trying to teach my kids that they should shop the outskirts of the grocery store – fresh produce being at the top of that list.  I take this one step further by saying buy local produce in season.  This is when the produce tastes the best and when it has the best nutrients still in it.

Danziger also points out that we should snack smart and sip water.  I am good with the water but could take some tips on adding protein to my snacking regime.  Mapping out meals and not skipping them are very important.  I never skip meals as that leads to ravenous hunger at some point.  I have never mapped out my plate as Danziger describes but may try it.

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