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What Will the Next Congress Look Like?

The current House of Representatives is made up of 435 members, four delegates and one resident commissioner.  There are 235 democrats and 199 republicans and one vacancy.  Today on CNN, Jack Cafferty said all 435 members should be thrown out.  I want to ask you what you think.  I realize that Cafferty thought that the… Continue reading What Will the Next Congress Look Like?

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Financial Recovery Bill

Is that actually what it was called?  All you hear on news telecasts, and even in print, is bailout.  And, while I do not believe that the bi-partisan bill was the answer to Wall Street’s problems or would insulate “Main Street” from the problem, I still stood in my living room watching the vote count.  I… Continue reading Financial Recovery Bill

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The First Presidential Debate

Let me start by saying I had trouble concentrating on the debate at first.  I found the Big East match up of UConn at Louisville much more interesting than the start of the debate.  My thoughts on why – both candidates were tiptoeing around the economic questions so as to not “upset the market” or… Continue reading The First Presidential Debate

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Actions Speak Louder than Words

I cannot imagine that I am saying these things.  My grandmother is probably turning over in her grave while my father is welcoming to his party a bit late. I do believe that it is important for the American people to hear from their future leader.  Unfortunately, I do not necessarily believe that this “hearing”… Continue reading Actions Speak Louder than Words

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What do you keep track of?

People all over exercise and do it for a variety of reasons.  It has been just about one year since I wrote about how you measure progress.  At that time, I did not have the ability to weigh myself at home so did it every couple of months.  I seriously still do not weigh in… Continue reading What do you keep track of?

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Swaying the Undecided

Eighteen percent of voters are undecided at just over five weeks out.  I have sat here and listened as the two candidates who have said they want the privilege of leading our country call each other and each other’s running mates names.  I have listened as they picked apart each other’s positions.  I finally looked… Continue reading Swaying the Undecided