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Useful Election Events Upcoming

I usually wax political here when I discuss the upcoming election.  Today I am going to point out that it is primary day in my home state of NY.  If you are a registered voter, get out there and vote. Aside from that, if you are – as I am and for the first time in… Continue reading Useful Election Events Upcoming

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Emergency Preparedness

I live in upstate New York.  Until June of 2006, my only thoughts of emergencies as an adult were thunderstorms where my power went out or snow/ice storms where again it was a power issue.  I did, after September 11, 2001, have some pangs about chemical and biological emergencies.  These were very shortlived. Unfortunately, the floods… Continue reading Emergency Preparedness

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Obama in the No-Spin Zone

While I am not a huge fan of Bill O’Reilly nor of Fox News, I am intrigued with O’Reilly’s recent interview with Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.  I do not find the interviewer rude when he tries to get answers to the question he has posted but he does do it a lot in the… Continue reading Obama in the No-Spin Zone