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Basic Weight Loss

There are a number of blogs I check on a regular basis.  At this time of year in this particular type of year, these blogs are mostly political.  Today, I was cruising the health blogs at Yahoo while I watched college football and got ready for my run.  Last week it was Lucy Dazinger’s blog… Continue reading Basic Weight Loss

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Social Security and McCain

John McCain spoke to AARP’s national “convention” via satellite feed at 12:30 pm ET today.  The format was similar to that of McCain’s opponent Barack Obama in that there were opening comments and a statement by McCain prior to a question and answer session from pre-submitted questions of AARP members. McCain, in my mind, was… Continue reading Social Security and McCain

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A Question for the Women out there

Here’s a post for you women out there.  I guess it is also for you men out there who like women or who have a woman in your life – mother, sister, wife.  So really it is just a question. I was purusing my normal political blogs today when a headline caught my eye.  The… Continue reading A Question for the Women out there

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College Football Week 2

No, I am not going to write about every week of college football.  I am, though, going to watch every week of college football.  The first weekend of college football snuck up on me.  I knew it was coming but it was also Labor Day weekend.  I was scheduled – from a commitment made back… Continue reading College Football Week 2

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Social Security and Obama

I am not finding either major party presidential candidate very forthcoming on issue details in their every day stump speeches.  McCain is repeating lines that are now old about his new running mate and Obama is, well, a great orator but short on detail none the less.  Except when addressin a specific constituency – labor… Continue reading Social Security and Obama