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College Football Week 2

No, I am not going to write about every week of college football.  I am, though, going to watch every week of college football.  The first weekend of college football snuck up on me.  I knew it was coming but it was also Labor Day weekend.  I was scheduled – from a commitment made back in May – to be at the Broome County Sportsmen’s Association – and yes, that red head with the gun is my now 20, then 17 year old daughter – for a tournament on both Saturday and Sunday of the weekend.  I was also going to my big holiday weekend party that I always go to at a friend’s. 

All this activity left little time Saturday for college football.  I had to placate myself with text messages from my oldest son who lives in Syracuse with score updates.  This is okay as it wasn’t a big game but not ideal by any means.

Well, today is different.  I am firmly ensconced in front of the television for the day.  My two boys left at home are the high school practicing and then playing in the pep band for the home high school game.  I have to tell you high school football never moved me much, even when I had a son on the state championship team in 2004.  I can, as my 17 year old has his license, send the boys off to the high school and not have to endure the game.  I have all the important things for football – beer, pizza, and wings.  I won’t necessarily eat or drink any of those but they are in the house.

My game doesn’t start until 4:30 ET.  I have double checked to be sure that Hanna is not going to impact the Mountaineers trip to East Carolina as far as the field play is concerned.  Looks like Hanna will be out of the area by game time.  The Alumni Association did have to move their tailgate from the parking lot at the stadium to the local convention center but that is not a big deal.  It is just admitting the weather does indeed impact the out of doors activities.

I will undoubtedly turn to the Miami of Ohio versus Michigan game at noon.  Thankfully, after two weeks of political conventions, I bought new remote batteries.  I can flip between that and UConn at Temple.  I do not anticipate that either game will be much of a game.  I do, though, relish my chances to root against Rich Rodriguez at every chance I get.  I also like to keep an eye on the Big East.

After the high school game is over and while WVU is on – and that will be, as it always seems to be, a well fought game – I will attempt to see if I can get the University at Buffalo versus Pitt game.  UB has busses going to Pitt for the 6 pm ET game.

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