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Blues on the Bridge

As the organizers say in most of their release materials, where else will you find 19 bands playing in 11 hours?  Well, just yesterday, it was in downtown Binghamton at the downtown end of the Washington Street Bridge at Blues on the Bridge.  Hopefully, some pics of the day will show up on this blog… Continue reading Blues on the Bridge

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A Day in the Life of a Mother of Six

I find the entire discussion of whether Sarah Palin can do a job and raise a family of five offensive.  I find it offensive as a woman but more importantly, I find it offensive as a single mother of six.  Granted, I have six kids, not five, and as of this moment, none of my… Continue reading A Day in the Life of a Mother of Six

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The Long Bus Ride Home

I typed up this blog entry yesterday before heading out for Mass but imagine!  My luck with computers and it is off in cyberspace somewhere but not on my blog. I spent Saturday watching a number of college football games.  The one of most importance to me, though not by any means the most exciting… Continue reading The Long Bus Ride Home