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MAC Championship Tonight

My 21 year old son is on the bus, one of six I believe, headed from the Buffalo suburb of Amherst where the University at Buffalo’s North Campus is located to Detroit.  Why you may ask?  He is one of approximately one thousand who have bought tickets to attend the MAC Championship Game at Ford… Continue reading MAC Championship Tonight

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A Different Lesson from College

My 21 year old son is currently getting a lesson at college that is not one that you normally pay for receiving.  I know the tuition bill for next semester should be here any time and I will definitely know that I am paying for his education but this is a reprisal of a lesson… Continue reading A Different Lesson from College

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Running Back U?

Not exactly but a little known prep school in our backyard is known for the quality and number of running backs it has produced. I remember when Milford Academy was first getting started.  No one in the small upstate NY town of New Berlin was sure about the location in their town.  Townspeople, if I recall… Continue reading Running Back U?

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Election Night Television Recommendation

Should you be tired early this evening of hearing about the lines voters don’t want to wait in (this is a small price to pay for the type of society we live in), the faulty machines that are being used (I am really hoping this doesn’t make big headlines), or how close or not close… Continue reading Election Night Television Recommendation

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College Football Week 2

No, I am not going to write about every week of college football.  I am, though, going to watch every week of college football.  The first weekend of college football snuck up on me.  I knew it was coming but it was also Labor Day weekend.  I was scheduled – from a commitment made back… Continue reading College Football Week 2

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College Football Openers

Yes, as I indicated yesterday, last evening was the opening “day” for the 2008-2009 college football season.  Being a college football fanatic, I am thrilled that it is back and had a hard time concentrating on the DNC last night as I flipped between three games on my television.  I am sure that between the… Continue reading College Football Openers

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Mountaineer Football – Big East Champs

  Okay, so I am a Mountaineer fanatic! This is not something that is taken lightly or liked by many in the area of upstate NY I live in as we are less then 80 miles from Big East team Syracuse. I just could not put a real adjective in front of Syracuse this year.… Continue reading Mountaineer Football – Big East Champs

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Finally, Some Respect

Yes! I admit – and probably always will – that I am a diehard Mountaineer fan. College football is one of my favorite sports and this year my Mountaineers are really doing well. Unfortunately, their doing well is not consistent. They have been ignored by almost all the major networks when talking about a national… Continue reading Finally, Some Respect