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Running Back U?

Not exactly but a little known prep school in our backyard is known for the quality and number of running backs it has produced.

I remember when Milford Academy was first getting started.  No one in the small upstate NY town of New Berlin was sure about the location in their town.  Townspeople, if I recall correctly, were concerned that these kids – many of whom were uneligible to play Division I or II college athletics – were trouble makers.  From the local papers, I would say this has proven to not be true.  Instead, at least during football season, the local area is treated to some wonderful football.

It has recently come to the attention of college football staffer Steve Megargee that Milford is the common denominator among three of the best running backs in college football today – Iowa’s Shonn Greene, Pittsburgh’s LeSean McCoy and Miami’s Graig Cooper.

All three of these young men are legitimate Heisman candidates this year.  All three of these young men are helping their teams win.  All three of these young men went to Milford Academy.

Look around upstate NY.  See what is in your backyard – Milford Academy.

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