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College Football Openers

Yes, as I indicated yesterday, last evening was the opening “day” for the 2008-2009 college football season.  Being a college football fanatic, I am thrilled that it is back and had a hard time concentrating on the DNC last night as I flipped between three games on my television.  I am sure that between the convention flipping and the football flipping, I should have bought stock in a triple A battery company as my remote is getting overused.  Please realize that the links to the various college names are to their athletics’ sites, not the colleges’ sites.

Points of interest in last night’s games, at least from my point of view, include – and yes, I took some notes as I was watching too much last night – University at  Buffalo Bulls scoring first and second against the UTEP Miners.  They also ended up solidly beating the Miners by a final score of 42-17.  And for you other Buffalo football fans, guess who was in attendance?  Thurman Thomas, former Buffalo Bill and Hall of Fame running back, was not only in attendance but was interviewed during halftime.  He said that he is going to do whatever he can to help support sports in Western NY.  Also on the Bulls sideline was former Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly.

UConn Huskies, a co-champion of the Big East last year with WVU, took it to Hofstra.  This game was the least frequently visited of the three in succession on my “dial.”  The score final score was 35-3.  The only thing good I can say about Hofstra at the moment, other than they were extremely outmatched and outplayed, is they are hosting the October 15th presidential debate.

The other game I could catch pieces of  when the DNC was in commercial break or the speeches were boring me to tears of it was a musical act on stage was the University of South Carolina Gamecocks‘ home opener against North Carolina State.  At one flip, there was approximately five minutes left in the first half and everything was quiet as the paramedics were strapping the starting quarterback from NC State to a back board due to a tackle.  My son says I would cringe if I saw the replay on ESPN.  Luckily, the officials from NC State say Russell Wilson, starting freshman quarterback, has a grade three concussion and will have more test run but it is not anything worse.  The game was a blowout, USC 34, NC State 0.

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