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Leaks Abound

I was, until now an hour and half prior to the actual announcement, becoming more and more impressed with the GOP operation.  I could not believe that the McCain vice presidential choice had not leaked yet.  I was amazed at the efforts the campaign was going to in covering up who the final choice was. 

All types of GOP stalwarts spent the week cancelling plans and flying into Dayton, Ohio.  Now, it has leaked.

Sarah Palin, former mayor of Wasilla, Alaska and sitting governor of the state of Alaska, is going to be the vice presidential nominee for the GOP.

One thought on “Leaks Abound

  1. Well, dear, I rushed over here to see what you thought.

    I have to say I am stunned. Sarah Who?! Google to the rescue. And one of the first factoids I learn is DH is known as the First Dude of Alaska.

    Okey dokey. Good thing Hillary didn’t get the nomination (either of them) – Bill could never have competed with that.

    She hunts, rides snowmobiles, and eats Moose burgers. She did a stint fishing commercially beside her husband. My kind of woman. Seriously.

    As I read on, she’s moved quickly from PTA, to Town Council, to Mayor, to Governor. On a platform of change and clean Government. And clean house? Did she ever. Not that she doesn’t have a bit of scandal of her own to deal with.

    I am not opposed to learning more about this woman, but I cannot help but think McCain just shot himself in the foot. Is this some desperate attempt to capture disenfranchised Hillary supporters?! If so, they will see through it.

    From what I am reading, Sarah and Hillary are diametrical opposites.

    If McCain wanted to shake things up a bit, he darned sure hit this one out of the park.

    But I think we have to look seriously at these two VP hopefuls. Interesting teams, but which one do we think most capable of stepping in to the Presidency? That has to be a factor.

    And I admit, I am more undecided than ever.

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