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The Final Presidential Debate of 2008

Three cheers for Bob Schieffer!  He has moderated this last presidential debate in a manner that actually got some answers out of the candidates.  He did so in a manner that did not make him the news story the next day.  Next to Joe the Plumber, Schieffer should be the one who did the best… Continue reading The Final Presidential Debate of 2008

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The First Presidential Debate

Let me start by saying I had trouble concentrating on the debate at first.  I found the Big East match up of UConn at Louisville much more interesting than the start of the debate.  My thoughts on why – both candidates were tiptoeing around the economic questions so as to not “upset the market” or… Continue reading The First Presidential Debate

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Actions Speak Louder than Words

I cannot imagine that I am saying these things.  My grandmother is probably turning over in her grave while my father is welcoming to his party a bit late. I do believe that it is important for the American people to hear from their future leader.  Unfortunately, I do not necessarily believe that this “hearing”… Continue reading Actions Speak Louder than Words

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Swaying the Undecided

Eighteen percent of voters are undecided at just over five weeks out.  I have sat here and listened as the two candidates who have said they want the privilege of leading our country call each other and each other’s running mates names.  I have listened as they picked apart each other’s positions.  I finally looked… Continue reading Swaying the Undecided

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ServiceNation Presidential Forum

When I first heard of this presidential forum, I was confused.  What the heck is ServiceNation and where did it come from?  To be honest, there are things I like about a forum and things I dislike.  It is nice to see a casual question and answer format.  It is, in my opinion, inherently unfair to… Continue reading ServiceNation Presidential Forum

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Useful Election Events Upcoming

I usually wax political here when I discuss the upcoming election.  Today I am going to point out that it is primary day in my home state of NY.  If you are a registered voter, get out there and vote. Aside from that, if you are – as I am and for the first time in… Continue reading Useful Election Events Upcoming

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Social Security and McCain

John McCain spoke to AARP’s national “convention” via satellite feed at 12:30 pm ET today.  The format was similar to that of McCain’s opponent Barack Obama in that there were opening comments and a statement by McCain prior to a question and answer session from pre-submitted questions of AARP members. McCain, in my mind, was… Continue reading Social Security and McCain