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Actions Speak Louder than Words

I cannot imagine that I am saying these things.  My grandmother is probably turning over in her grave while my father is welcoming to his party a bit late.

I do believe that it is important for the American people to hear from their future leader.  Unfortunately, I do not necessarily believe that this “hearing” should be done in Oxford, Mississippi.  I have nothing against Mississippi.  I just believe that – as the title says – actions speak louder than words.

Yes, it is true John McCain is not on the Senate banking committee.  Yes, this means he is not in the committee room working on a bill to go to the Senate floor.  This does not mean that his presence, and possibly even pressure, is not needed in Washington.  His presence and ability to work with other Republicans and Democrats will show more of a leadership ability than any debate will.

While I do believe that market adjustment will be painful without a bailout package, I voted for certain people to represent me.  While I don’t necessarily agree with their method, an economic bailout will ultimately be easier on the US public than letting the market ride out the adjustment.

I seriously encourage all sitting US Senators to return to Washington, DC and do the job they were elected to do.  This will take a few days out of a very tight campaign cycle but will benefit both the American public in general and your constituents in particular more than continuing on the campaign trail.

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