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Swaying the Undecided

Eighteen percent of voters are undecided at just over five weeks out.  I have sat here and listened as the two candidates who have said they want the privilege of leading our country call each other and each other’s running mates names.  I have listened as they picked apart each other’s positions.  I finally looked at my son – who will vote in his first presidential election this year – and said I was undecided.  This is something I have never said this close to a presidential election.  I told my son that I was going to vote for the candidate that actually showed some leadership, the one that gave up campaigning and went back to his job as a US Senator and dealt with the financial crisis.

My feelings on the bailout are neither here nor there.  The problem is that three US Senators are carting their entourages around the country and not doing their jobs.  Well, the news just came across the wire.  John McCain is going back to Washington.  He is calling for Obama to do the same.  He is even asking that Friday’s debate be postponed.

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