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Swaying the Undecided

Eighteen percent of voters are undecided at just over five weeks out.  I have sat here and listened as the two candidates who have said they want the privilege of leading our country call each other and each other’s running mates names.  I have listened as they picked apart each other’s positions.  I finally looked… Continue reading Swaying the Undecided

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ServiceNation Presidential Forum

When I first heard of this presidential forum, I was confused.  What the heck is ServiceNation and where did it come from?  To be honest, there are things I like about a forum and things I dislike.  It is nice to see a casual question and answer format.  It is, in my opinion, inherently unfair to… Continue reading ServiceNation Presidential Forum

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John McCain and the 21st Century

Ah, a headline like that is definitely what McCain’s campaign doesn’t need.  What else can be said, though, after McCain’s own admission that he doesn’t know how to get online yet?  I admit I telecommute so spend more time on a computer than a lot of people.  I have had a web site since the… Continue reading John McCain and the 21st Century

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MSNBC-Cleveland State Univ. Democratic Debate

First, I was annoyed that the debate was set to start at 9 pm.  I had not slept well the night before and was really hoping to be asleep by 10 pm.  That in mind, I got all set to watch the 20th debate on the democratic side of the presidential nomination process. I had… Continue reading MSNBC-Cleveland State Univ. Democratic Debate

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CNN-Univision Texas Democratic Debate – Part 2

I know I said I would finish my thoughts on Thursday night’s debate yesterday but, as usual, life gets in the way. Another big topic, but not one with any surprises in it, was immigration.  Clinton strongly reiterated that there needs to be a pathway to to legalization for those in our country illegally.  She… Continue reading CNN-Univision Texas Democratic Debate – Part 2

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Austin is Tonight

I so want to quote a Blake Shelton song about Austin.  But the statement is not that I still love Austin but does Austin – and the rest of Texas – still love Hillary. I am sitting here wishing that I could have designed the site for tonight’s CNN/Univision/Texas Democratic Party debate between Barack Obama… Continue reading Austin is Tonight

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Is this a smart thing to say?

I realize the democratic party is worried about getting itself unified if a frontrunner is not clearly defined soon.  But should one of those running for the party’s nomination say that those who vote after March 4, 2008 don’t matter. “Now we’ve got to campaign hard in Texas and Ohio. But after March 4th, I… Continue reading Is this a smart thing to say?

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Another Suspension of a Presidential Nominee Campaign?

I am amazed it took Mitt Romney this long.  He is a businessman so he had to have realized long ago that his investment in his campaign for the GOP presidential nomination was not a good investment. CNN is now reporting that today, at CPAC 2008, Mitt Romney will announce that he is suspending his… Continue reading Another Suspension of a Presidential Nominee Campaign?

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Who will capitalize on McCain’s mistake?

John McCain, the frontleader for the GOP presidential nomination, made a huge mistake yesterday.  His mistake is compounded by the fact that earlier in the campaign he admitted the economy was not his strong suit.  Then, yesterday, he missed the US Senate’s roll call vote on the economic stimulus package.  True, his vote would not… Continue reading Who will capitalize on McCain’s mistake?