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MSNBC-Cleveland State Univ. Democratic Debate

First, I was annoyed that the debate was set to start at 9 pm.  I had not slept well the night before and was really hoping to be asleep by 10 pm.  That in mind, I got all set to watch the 20th debate on the democratic side of the presidential nomination process.

I had about a quarter of a bag of jelly beans, a fresh bottle of water and my trusty notebook and red pen so I situated myself in front of the television set after making sure that I was recording One Tree Hill.

The debate starts and my lights start to flicker.  I decide that, even though the 17 year old is still on the phone with his girlfriend, I will get up quickly and turn off the computer and any extra lights that are still on.  I make it to the living room – my home is not all that big – and the flicker is enough that the computer shuts itself down.  Now, I am concerned so I boot it back up and then shut it down normally.  The lights continue to flicker.

I settle back in to watch and Clinton is in the middle of some statement – I am not sure if it is an opening or in answer to a question from Brian Williams – regarding health care and the mailers that went out from the Obama campaign.

My 13 year old comes in.  He swears that the transformer diagonally across the corner from the house sparked badly.  We still have power.  He goes back to bed.  Clinton continues about health care and slamming home the differences between her and Obama.  In comes the 13 year old again.  There are all kinds of flashing lights outside the house.  I get up, missing more of the debate, and find he is right.  I cannot tell what has happened but it does look like everyone has power.  It looks like there are police and emergency vehicles.  Cars coming down the hill we live at the bottom of are not allowed to turn right.  The road going left is rather ugly looking.

I head back to the debate.  I did watch all of it but was not impressed.  I started taking notes but gave up after the last commercial break.  It did nothing to impress me and I was not thrilled with it, though I do believe that MSNBC asked harder questions and kept control better than either of the most recent CNN debates.

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