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Austin is Tonight

I so want to quote a Blake Shelton song about Austin.  But the statement is not that I still love Austin but does Austin – and the rest of Texas – still love Hillary. I am sitting here wishing that I could have designed the site for tonight’s CNN/Univision/Texas Democratic Party debate between Barack Obama… Continue reading Austin is Tonight

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Kind of a Science Freak

Yes, I admit.  I liked calculus in college.  I loved science classes.  I took dendrology in the winter in the Adirondacks and loved it.  So it is well within my character to be outside last night in the 6F temps to take pictures of the total lunar eclipse.  I took the above picture just prior… Continue reading Kind of a Science Freak

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Public Election Financing

Okay – I understand that John McCain is not the fundraiser that Barack Obama seems to be.  I, also, understand that John McCain has a history of wanting campaign finance reform – hence, the McCain-Feingold bill.  I, also, understand that both John McCain and Barack Obama said, last fall, that they would abide by public financing… Continue reading Public Election Financing

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The Out of WV Mountaineer Fan

I am, in case you haven’t surmised it yet, a WVU Mountaineer through and through.  I spent three years in Morgantown on the main and Evansdale campuses and love my college sports.  It doesn’t matter if the Mountaineers are winning or losing – although I admit, I prefer when they win – I watch and… Continue reading The Out of WV Mountaineer Fan

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Required Service

Yesterday’s local Gannett paper had a reader response bit on whether the US should have a required service period after high school or college.  Here is my response to that question.  I read the call for those comments in the Press & Sun-Bulletin. I then read the responses. I don’t know that required volunteer service… Continue reading Required Service