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Public Election Financing

Okay – I understand that John McCain is not the fundraiser that Barack Obama seems to be.  I, also, understand that John McCain has a history of wanting campaign finance reform – hence, the McCain-Feingold bill.  I, also, understand that both John McCain and Barack Obama said, last fall, that they would abide by public financing and FEC rules on spending should they be their party’s nominee.

Here is one more thing I understand.  Barack Obama is trying to reset the rule now that he has started raising massive amounts of money.  He wants to, as paraphrased from his piece in the February 20th USA Today work toward a spending agreement with the republican nominee if he is the democratic nominee. 

I can see John McCain using this sudden flip-flop in Obama’s stance against him and he has tried.  Unfortunately, I do not believe McCain has a leg to stand on.  He has recently told the FEC that he is withdrawing from public financing for his primary run.  The main reason, as I see it, is that his campaign is close to the spending limit for primaries.  If he doesn’t withdraw, the democrats will still be deciding on a nominee and McCain will be silent all the way to the Republican National Convention at the beginning of September in St Paul.  This would include the small period of time between the Democratic National Convention and the republican nominating party.

Why is it that Obama is having his character scrutinized due to wanting to change the rules midstream (maybe something the Clinton campaign should look at pointing out as Hillary is being accused of that in the case of wanting to seat delegates from Florida and Michigan) but McCain is not?  Why is it that what is good for McCain in his primary is not good for all in the general?

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