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Kind of a Science Freak

Yes, I admit.  I liked calculus in college.  I loved science classes.  I took dendrology in the winter in the Adirondacks and loved it.  So it is well within my character to be outside last night in the 6F temps to take pictures of the total lunar eclipse. 

Moon Prior

I took the above picture just prior to the start of the eclipse – approximately 8 pm Eastern Time.  If you look closely, you can see the tree branches that were in my way as I stepped outside my back door.

The eclipse started approximately 8:43 ET.  I was outside in the cold again at 8:44 pm ET.  What I saw was the start of the eclipse, a small portion of the moon now not visible due to the earth blocking the sun’s shine on the moon.

Moon One

I decided that I would venture out into the cold, and that 6F was only at the very beginning, every 15 minutes.  As the eclipse progressed from slight – I am sure there is a technical term for this but am unsure what it is – to totality, I started going out more frequently.  The pictures of totality did not come out at all.  I am trying hard to retouch them to show the faint red glow the moon had.


Moon Two  Moon Three  Moon Four  Moon Five

One thought on “Kind of a Science Freak

  1. Wow! That’s really cool that you captured those! I got the kids out of bed about 9:30 before they were asleep, b/c I’d forgotten to have them take a look!

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