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Another Senate Vote

As I discussed yesterday, there were absences from the Senate floor in the initial vote for the economic stimulus package.  The Senate, seeing the flaw in not pretending to help the American people, went back to work immediately and today passed an economic stimulus package.  This piece is not about the stimulus package, as such. … Continue reading Another Senate Vote

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Another Suspension of a Presidential Nominee Campaign?

I am amazed it took Mitt Romney this long.  He is a businessman so he had to have realized long ago that his investment in his campaign for the GOP presidential nomination was not a good investment. CNN is now reporting that today, at CPAC 2008, Mitt Romney will announce that he is suspending his… Continue reading Another Suspension of a Presidential Nominee Campaign?

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The Fruits of Our Labor

I am a member of the Maine-Endwell Music Boosters.  Our major fundraiser to help high school students pay for music trips, solo and ensemble adjudications and other non-district related music costs is a fruit sale.  Every January, the high school music students go home with the flyers and the beginning of February, the fruit comes.… Continue reading The Fruits of Our Labor

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Who will capitalize on McCain’s mistake?

John McCain, the frontleader for the GOP presidential nomination, made a huge mistake yesterday.  His mistake is compounded by the fact that earlier in the campaign he admitted the economy was not his strong suit.  Then, yesterday, he missed the US Senate’s roll call vote on the economic stimulus package.  True, his vote would not… Continue reading Who will capitalize on McCain’s mistake?

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Should there be a rule?

A law per se.  Should elected officials running for re-election or, in this particular case, for higher office be required to meet certain benchmarks – I really wanted to use timetables as I am thinking of John McCain but I will refrain – of their current office? I realize that every elected official will miss… Continue reading Should there be a rule?