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Another Senate Vote

As I discussed yesterday, there were absences from the Senate floor in the initial vote for the economic stimulus package.  The Senate, seeing the flaw in not pretending to help the American people, went back to work immediately and today passed an economic stimulus package. 

This piece is not about the stimulus package, as such.  It is about the vote.  The initial vote was a roll call vote.  99 senators voted.  John McCain did not.  He was too busy trying to win his party’s nomination for president. 

Today’s vote on a stimulus package did pass.  Whether it actually stimulates the economy has yet to be seen.  I doubt it will.  What has been seen is that this vote 97 senators voted on the bill.  97 senators saw fit to do their jobs as elected representatives of the people this bill is suppose to help.  Three senators did not vote.  John McCain, who was in Washington, was too busy addressing CPAC 2008.  Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were also on the campaign trail. 

While I understand all three senators’ political ambitions, I realize that if I were to ignore the responsibilities of my job to obtain a different position, I would most likely end up fire from the current job.  All three senators were elected to represent their states in the US Senate, the body of the US Congress that has equal representation for each state.  All three senators are doing the constituency they represent a disservice by not doing the job for which they were elected.

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