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Northern Illinois University

I wrote extensively last year after the tragedy at Blacksburg, Virginia’s Virginia Tech campus.  It hit home with me as I knew children of friends who attended Virginia Tech.  I had been to the campus while in college. Northern Illinois’s tragedy hits as hard but not because I know any of the students at the… Continue reading Northern Illinois University

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Another Purple Eagle to NHL

I got a phone call, a totally unexpected one, from my 21 year old daughter last night.  I was in my room getting ready to settle in and wait for the new episode of “Brothers and Sisters” when she called. She is currently a junior at Niagara University.  Until she left for college three years… Continue reading Another Purple Eagle to NHL

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Not Just Charms Challenge

This month at the Yahoo! group The Latest Trends in Mixed Media Arts the “Not Just Charms” challenge is to make charms out of game pieces.  Last month focused on buttons.  December was actual charms. I have struggled with this idea.  I have set aside wooden dominoes to make charms out of.  I wonder if… Continue reading Not Just Charms Challenge

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The Situation Room

Jack Cafferty, on CNN’s The Situation Room, just asked the following question:  “If you could choose any former U.S president to lead this country now, who would it be and why? ” I could not get to the computer fast enough to rattle off my thoughts to Jack on this question.  The answer came to… Continue reading The Situation Room