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Austin is Tonight

I so want to quote a Blake Shelton song about Austin.  But the statement is not that I still love Austin but does Austin – and the rest of Texas – still love Hillary.

I am sitting here wishing that I could have designed the site for tonight’s CNN/Univision/Texas Democratic Party debate between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.  This needs to be a debate – not a gathering around the proverbial kitchen table.  The set needs to include normal debate items.  Podiums would be a good start in my mind.  Who likes to be able to reach out and touch the opposition as you are saying they are all fluff or inexperienced?  Maybe a few professional boxers and the people in the MMA (isn’t that where they cage fight?) but not the normal politician.  Now I realize that the American people, according to every pundit out there, do not want the normal politician but I, for one, want the normal debate.

I want podiums with space between them.  I want the two candidates to take a swipe or two at each other.  I want to see the differences between the two of them, not the love fest that was Los Angeles.

What will happen tonight around the “debate table?”  I can’t wait to find out.

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