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The Out of WV Mountaineer Fan

I am, in case you haven’t surmised it yet, a WVU Mountaineer through and through.  I spent three years in Morgantown on the main and Evansdale campuses and love my college sports.  It doesn’t matter if the Mountaineers are winning or losing – although I admit, I prefer when they win – I watch and cheer them on.

Football is usually a pretty good season for me.  Even though I live in the heart of Big East country and less than an hour’s drive from Syracuse, I only get to see my Mountaineers play in person every other year when they visit the Carrier Dome.  I love this game, especially if both teams are having good years.  I also love seeing The Pride of West Virginia marching band when they get to come to NY with the team.  This is a band full or precision and 300 plus strong.

Basketball season is not usually so good for me.  If my local channels are playing college hoops, it is America East and the local university or it is Syracuse hoops.  I have had a huge surprise in the last four days.  Sunday, I was waiting for the Red Wings game to start at 3:30 pm when I found the West Virginia game on SNY.  I got to watch a very good game.  Last night, SNY had the WVU-Villanova game on.  Unfortunately, last night was worse than the Backyard Brawl from football season.  WVU lost by over 20 and was playing miserably.  But the good news is I got to watch!

Soon, the madness that is championship week and then selection show will begin.  I will be glued to college hoops like a true fan.  I am hoping to not only see my Mountaineers in the Big Dance but also my daughter’s team – the Purple Eagles of Niagara University.

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