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Required Service

Yesterday’s local Gannett paper had a reader response bit on whether the US should have a required service period after high school or college.  Here is my response to that question.

 I read the call for those comments in the Press & Sun-Bulletin. I then read the responses. I don’t know that required volunteer service (which by definition is no longer voluntary) is what we need. You will notice that no where in the discussion was it said the service has to be military which it is in Israel.

I have to say that I have had this discussion on the high school level with friends across the country. One friend’s opinion sticks in my mind. She says the groups in her area were not able to deal with the number of volunteers they suddenly had due to a required number of hours to graduate high school.

Does the US have the ability to track this? Do we have the unfortunate but necessary administrative system in place or does one need to be set up? What is the cost to a nation that is all ready trillions in debt to set such a system up?

I don’t know that it is a bad idea but I don’t know that it is a prudent one either.

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