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Television Bonanza Tonight

I don’t watch a lot of television.  I do listen to a lot of it as I work and have the TV on in the background frequently as “white” noise.  Tonight, though, I am truly torn. First off, I have been, since about midway through the first season, a huge Grey’s Anatomy fan.  I did… Continue reading Television Bonanza Tonight

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Homecoming in Morgantown

It is homecoming weekend in Morgantown, West Virginia.  I remember the homecoming parades and big football games when I spent three years in Morgantown in the early 80’s.  I remember the floats and the celebrations and the Pride of WV marching down the street.  This year’s homecoming opponent is Syracuse and you can see the… Continue reading Homecoming in Morgantown

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The Long Bus Ride Home

I typed up this blog entry yesterday before heading out for Mass but imagine!  My luck with computers and it is off in cyberspace somewhere but not on my blog. I spent Saturday watching a number of college football games.  The one of most importance to me, though not by any means the most exciting… Continue reading The Long Bus Ride Home

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The Out of WV Mountaineer Fan

I am, in case you haven’t surmised it yet, a WVU Mountaineer through and through.  I spent three years in Morgantown on the main and Evansdale campuses and love my college sports.  It doesn’t matter if the Mountaineers are winning or losing – although I admit, I prefer when they win – I watch and… Continue reading The Out of WV Mountaineer Fan

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Finally, Some Respect

Yes! I admit – and probably always will – that I am a diehard Mountaineer fan. College football is one of my favorite sports and this year my Mountaineers are really doing well. Unfortunately, their doing well is not consistent. They have been ignored by almost all the major networks when talking about a national… Continue reading Finally, Some Respect

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Mountaineer Basketball

I have to admit I do not like watching basketball on television. I am not even sure I like watching basketball in person but if I have to, college ball is the way to go. So it is a cold February Saturday and I am flipping around – anything to not watch another episode of… Continue reading Mountaineer Basketball

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Another Great Sports Weekend

Okay, I have decidedly described myself as a sports fanatic many times. I am, though, not a big professional sports fan. I love World Cup Soccer and professional bicycling (though I have some questions about cycling nowadays). This weekend, though, was almost perfect. I have spent the weekend watching my favorite college football team play.… Continue reading Another Great Sports Weekend