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Another Great Sports Weekend

Okay, I have decidedly described myself as a sports fanatic many times. I am, though, not a big professional sports fan. I love World Cup Soccer and professional bicycling (though I have some questions about cycling nowadays).

This weekend, though, was almost perfect. I have spent the weekend watching my favorite college football team play. It was a tense game and went long, 3OTs, but my Mountaineers finally beat Rutgers. It was just good football. Not like you would see in professional ball.

Then, Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon came another favorite college sport. This one is near and dear to my heart as I was there at the beginning of the College Cup tournament. You see, my daughter plays Division 1 college soccer. Her college team played in the first round of the tournament this year for the first time ever. While they did not make it past the first round, it means I watched UNC and Notre Dame with more interest this year. Number one, one of my daughter’s former travel teammates is on the ND team. Number two, if not for a loss to Penn State on November 10th, her team might have been in Cary, North Carolina today for that game.

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