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Cold Weather

 Woo hoo!!! The local news – as if those of us trying to keep warm don’t already know this – just said our local weather station at the Greater Binghamton Regional Airport is the coldest location in the Northeast with the exception of Mount Washington. That is quite a feat. Of course, Mt. Washington has… Continue reading Cold Weather

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Comments for School Board Meeting – Jan 25, 07

 Below are my comments on a proposed vote setting for a school building project. You can see more about the project by visiting an article archive at our local paper – M-E project vote to be set – or at the school web site. I have to say that I am extremely disappointed in the… Continue reading Comments for School Board Meeting – Jan 25, 07

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The soundtrack of my blog is by …

 This topic is so odd as I was just completing – or making more complete – my profile on a dating site yesterday. One of the topics was what’s on your playlist? I don’t know for sure that my soundtrack would ever be listened to by anyone else. It is extremely varied and depends, not… Continue reading The soundtrack of my blog is by …

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 So what is it about a new year that makes people want to set resolutions? Does the average resolution setter realize there is more to reaching a goal than just setting a resolution? What are the steps necessary to reach that resolution? Okay – say that the resolution is to lose weight in the new… Continue reading Resolutions