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Aspirations 2007

 I know, why aspirations? I have always thought goals were those little steps you take to reach a loftier, higher aim. Therefore, and based on Sarah Ban Breathnach’s Simple Abundance, I have aspirations for the new year. I realize I have already missed a good portion of the year. I have spent some time going… Continue reading Aspirations 2007

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Reviewing 2006

 I admit I am a bit behind. In 2006, I had reviewed the previous year and managed to set new aspirations (similar to goals but loftier in my mind) by January 2. This year it is 19 days later and I am just reviewing. Aspirations for 2006 Submit art and get published. To this end,… Continue reading Reviewing 2006

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What is it about college-aged kids?

 What is it about college-aged kids? I realize that they are similar to what we use to call pre-teens. They are adults. Most are on their own in some small way, but they are still children. My freshman daughter announced last Sunday, while watching her team play in a wild card game, that she was… Continue reading What is it about college-aged kids?

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Day Late, Dollar Short…LOL

 Happy New Year! I know, as the title says, a day late and a dollar short. I had to get my thoughts about history down. I had been thinking them in my mind for several days but was going through a “no computer” time so didn’t get them down. Actually picked up a journal and… Continue reading Day Late, Dollar Short…LOL