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John Edwards

 Well, I should start off by saying that I do believe it is way too early to be talking 2008 presidential primaries. Unfortunately, the reasonings behind today’s announcement by John Edwards all ring true so I will not hold the stretching out of the presidential election process against him. I am truly psyched! I have… Continue reading John Edwards

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My Holiday Tradition

 Not that I really need to have someone tell me to blog about holiday traditions. The Advent calendar is near and dear to my heart.  I still try to send one to each of my college aged students every year.  It really kills two birds with one stone.  It helps them count down the days… Continue reading My Holiday Tradition

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It’s beginning to FEEL a lot like Christmas…

… and I am in the process of planning one of my favorite store visits of the holidays.  I have start by saying I hate to shop.  It is a necessary evil but not something I enjoy.  The big exception to that is grocery shopping.  I love finding the right ingredients for that special item… Continue reading It’s beginning to FEEL a lot like Christmas…

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My Calendar’s Beginning to Look…

…. quite frankly, full! I just got off the phone with a business owner that I do contract work for.  He was discussing items that are upcoming – sort of a warning in a good way. In talking, I walked to my December calendar.  Wow!  I hope not much has to be fit in prior… Continue reading My Calendar’s Beginning to Look…

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I know that most adults get volunteerism.  We understand that the cost associated with hiring qualified individuals is greater than a lot of non-profit and some for profit organizations can afford.  The bigger question is, does our next generation understand. Kids are forced to volunteer.  You can’t pass this class without volunteering x number of… Continue reading Volunteerism

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Another Great Sports Weekend

Okay, I have decidedly described myself as a sports fanatic many times. I am, though, not a big professional sports fan. I love World Cup Soccer and professional bicycling (though I have some questions about cycling nowadays). This weekend, though, was almost perfect. I have spent the weekend watching my favorite college football team play.… Continue reading Another Great Sports Weekend

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Daily Meditations

Every year I read a book called Simple Abundance, which is a book of daily meditations.  I find that as I read I get different things out of each reading at different times in my life.  These readings are not totally spiritual, though some are extremely spiritual.  The readings are about living as your authentic… Continue reading Daily Meditations