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I know that most adults get volunteerism.  We understand that the cost associated with hiring qualified individuals is greater than a lot of non-profit and some for profit organizations can afford.  The bigger question is, does our next generation understand.

Kids are forced to volunteer.  You can’t pass this class without volunteering x number of hours to one of y organizations.  You can’t be confirmed without service hours.  You need to track them.

Needless to say, this leaves a bad taste in the mouth of young people about volunteering.  What they need is to see examples.  What do you do to show your children – young adults and teens – that volunteering is extremely important?

I recently have taken on some new volunteering positions.  In the past I have been a catechist – which means I have shared my faith with the next generation.  This is really important to me since I am a convert to Roman Catholicism.  I have been a girl scout and tiger cub leader.  I have done various committee positions within PTA.

My new volunteer positions are a bit more challenging and work intensive.

I am the membership chair for our school district’s Music Boosters.  I have set up tables at open houses and curriculum nights.  I have done spreadsheets so other officers and committee chairs know who wants to help with what program.  I have solicited donations to give away to members so that we can seduce people into joining.

I am the new treasurer for BC United Soccer Association.  This involves developing a budget,  helping team administrators collect money, and signing checks.  In other words,  I have to deal with another financial institution other than my own.  I also attend monthly board meetings which is just more time that I don’t know if I have.

And, my newest and possibly most intense volunteer position is regional director for the Southern Tier region of New York State Science Olympiad.   I am setting up a regional tournament.  This is very time consuming.  I am working on it now and the tournament is in March.

I do not complain about all this extra “work” in my life.  It is a way to give back to organizations that have either been very important to me or very important to my children.  I enjoy the additional adult contact.  I love the organizations.  I love the volunteering.

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