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Okay, while I admit to being a sport fanatic, this is little I enjoy more than college football.  This may come from going to West Virginia University and attending games in both old and new Mountaineer Stadium.  It may come from a son who played on a high school state championship football team.  It may… Continue reading BCS Joy

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How much information is “too much?”

Okay, I have a profile at an online dating site.  I have had it for over a year and find it humorous when people think that it would be weird if I had one.  I don’t advertise the fact but if someone asks me in person, I tell them. My question du jour deals with… Continue reading How much information is “too much?”

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Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Maybe I am little late.  I realize that “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” both have gone past.  What I don’t get is why, unless you own a retail or online establishment, either is important. Black Friday is not actually the busiest day in retail for the year.  I believe that may take place after Christmas. … Continue reading Black Friday/Cyber Monday

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Instant Gratification

Okay, I am finally willing to admit that this technology age has made us a society of instant gratification. I work for a company that provides web sites for a number of different reasons but mostly for political campaigns. The campaign cycle is over but really just starting for some. Also, there are states that… Continue reading Instant Gratification