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Okay, while I admit to being a sport fanatic, this is little I enjoy more than college football.  This may come from going to West Virginia University and attending games in both old and new Mountaineer Stadium.  It may come from a son who played on a high school state championship football team.  It may come from a father who has had season tickets to Syracuse Orangemen games (I know it is not p/c) since I can remember so many, many years.

This time of year, though, is frustration to me.  I listen to sports talk radio.  I read all the articles I can find online and in magazines and newspapers.  I just cannot understand the BCS.  I know I am not alone but in the scheme of the way I deal with most things in life, I am going to let it go this year.

I am going to be happy when WVU goes to the Gator Bowl.  I am going to be joyful when Ohio replays Michigan or not.

The BCS is what it is but for now, the important point is IT IS!

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