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How much information is “too much?”

Okay, I have a profile at an online dating site.  I have had it for over a year and find it humorous when people think that it would be weird if I had one.  I don’t advertise the fact but if someone asks me in person, I tell them.

My question du jour deals with how someone answers questions posed by someone else on said site?  I mean am I required to answer totally and completely?  Can I answer the question but withhold some information and still be truthful?

I felt guilty as I was getting to know this guy.  He asked the age of my children.  I honestly replied my oldest will graduate from college next spring and my youngest is in middle school.  That was enough information for someone who had mentioned student teaching earlier in life.  After about a day, I had to reply further.  I felt guilty.  I have six children and they are between the ages of 22 and 12.

Is that too much information?

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