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Daily Meditations

Every year I read a book called Simple Abundance, which is a book of daily meditations.  I find that as I read I get different things out of each reading at different times in my life.  These readings are not totally spiritual, though some are extremely spiritual.  The readings are about living as your authentic self.  There are readings about how to organize parts of your life, how to bring out the authentic you.

Usually, by December, my life has caught up with me and I am seldom reading.  This year I vowed that I would read each December entry as a way to keep myself focused.

I was particularly taken by today’s entry entitled “Passionate Kisses.”  There is a quote at the beginning of each reading and today’s just made sense.

“A kiss can be a comma, a question mark or an exclamation point.” – Mistinguett

I guess I never really thought that much about kissing but that makes perfect sense.  In the beginning of a relationship a kiss is like a question mark.  It is another in a series of inquiries to help you discover each other.  During the more “quiet” or more “mundane” ( and that is not really the word I want but I am having troubles coming up with the word I want), a kiss is like a comma.  And during those truly passionate, finding and defining moments, a kiss is definitely an exclamation point!

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